Monday, January 2, 2012

5 DIY Winter Warmth Projects

You gotta love the internet.... How else would you know how to make your own personal fire pit?

I feel like I should post some sort of disclaimer stating that if you try one of these, and it catches you or your house on fire, then it's not my fault. That being said, fire is cool and these DIY projects allow you to play with fire the adult way- with some amount of carefulness.

Take a look.... (links are posted in the photos and descriptions)

We won't be needing any of this in So. Cal this week. It's supposed to be over 80 degrees today!!! I want winter back!!!


  1. Howdy! Thanks for the lovely feature of my flame bowl tutorial. Would you mind terribly actually linking it to my blog instead of the curbly feature. I justify doing the fun tutorials by the traffic I get to my site. Curbly basically posted the whole tutorial so no one makes the jump over.

    The link is

    and I really appreciate it.

    One of your newest followers. Great Etsy shop!
    Bernadette @

  2. b3hd- The hyperlink has been fixed using the link you provided. Thanks so much for your comment and for following! Happy blogging!! =)

  3. Just found you,thanks to my daughter,love it

  4. Thanks for the comment Life can be simple! <3

  5. This is going to sound odd. But, I think your entire post(and I love it!) has been stolen and published on this site. You might want to check it out. I think that there are probably some copyright issues that you might want to look into.

  6. You're absolutely right Lula Lola. Thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure if copyright laws extend to blog posts but I'm certainly going to look into it.

    Thanks again!