Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Snow Globe Ornament

These adorable ornaments only require a few materials and are quick and easy to make. They make great, affordable gifts as well!

Living in Southern California means I only see snow on far away mountains and rarely up close. It's great to have a little piece of the quintessential winter hanging on a tree.

Snow Globe Ornament

- Clear Ornament
- Miniature evergreen tree (I found mine at Michael's in the an area designated for miniature Christmas villages)
- White or clear glitter
- A pair of tweezers or something you can use to position the tree once inside the ornament
- Hot glue gun (with glue of course)
- Small funnel if glitter container had too wide of a mouth for a controlled pour


Step one: Remove metal top from ornament. When glue gun is fully heated, add a dollop of glue to the bottom of the ornament by inserting the nose of the glue gun into the hole at the top of the ornament and letting the glue fall into the bottom. You will want to make sure that the glue is very hot so you have time to position the tree (so don't put glue in when glue gun has just barely heated up enough to push glue out).

Step two: Put tree in ornament through hole. I had to push mine in pretty hard since it was a bit wide. Don't let the tree touch the glue until you get tweezers inside to position it correctly, so that the bottom of the tree is firmly affixed to the glue. Hold tree in place until glue dries.

Step three: Add glitter to ornament until happy with glitter depth at bottom of ornament.

Step four: glue metal top to ornament by adding a circle of hot glue to the inside of metal top and pushing firmly to top of ornament. Be careful! Metal will be hot!

That's it! You're done!


  1. adorable and easy enough for me! I saw something similar at Anthropolgie inside salt shakers for about $12 apiece and inside mason jars for $25!!!

  2. I made some of these the other day... they are so festive!

  3. I'm a total DIY idiot...and I bet even I could make these. Very cute

  4. How much were the trees?

  5. I don't remember the exact price but I believe I got two or three of them for around $4 at Michaels.

  6. About how long does it take because I have to make 20 of them?

  7. They can be made pretty quickly after the first few. It takes a couple to get the steps down. Hot glue dries pretty quickly- a minute or two, then just add some glitter (30 secs) and glue top on (1 minute or two again).

  8. These are so cute. Where did you find the mini funnel?

  9. Hi Megan,

    It actually came with the glitter I bought.

    I believe I bought the glitter at Walmart.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  10. You can also get the miniature trees in Michaels where they have the Missions, it may be a California thing, we have Spanish Missions all up and down California. I found a lot of little trees for very cheep, think there were six in them.

    I love this idea, I have everything to make these due to "After Christmas" sales. And some left over from crafts before Christmas. So am going to make a couple. I love looking at the snow and trees since we don't get snow...

  11. what if you don't own a hot glue machine?

    1. An all-purpose glue, such as Uhu, should work. You may have difficulty getting only the amount you need into the ornament, and you'll have to give it time to dry before adding in the glitter, but apart from that it should work.

  12. I am definitely making some of these. Very pretty.

  13. So cute! I am going to look for more Christmas things that are mini enough to fit through the opening. If the item doesn't fit, try using the plastic ornaments that come apart in halves. Then you will need to glue the halves together. We made ornaments years ago with these kinds of ornaments, and we put all kinds of mini toys inside. But I hadn't thought about making them snowglobes. Thank you!