Thursday, February 2, 2012

6 Five-Ingredients or Less Appetizers

Super Bowl is coming up and if you're planning a party, you've probably got a lot to think about. These appetizers are perfect for laying out for Super Bowl Sunday and they all have 5 ingredients or less. Plus, they are pretty elegant. Who says you can't have a Super Bowl party with style?

Here's a list with amazing recipes. The links are in the picture and title description:

So if you've never had bacon wrapped dates, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! They are amazing! Here we've got bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese. I have never tried them but plan to make these to take to my father's house for his annual Super Bowl party. I think I will make half with blue cheese and half without since there are many people who don't care for bleu cheese. I will stuff my face with these babies, seriously.

This is pretty straight forward. It isn't even really a recipe as much as it is a description. Buy some mozzarella cheese balls and wrap basil leaves around them. Then wrap thin deli meat or thin pieces of roasted red peppers. Secure with toothpick. Easy enough for a last minute appetizer!

This appetizer is just a must. It's so good and so freakin' easy, you'd be crazy not to serve it. Now why it's categorized under "low cholesterol" foods on the site is a mystery. Don't be fooled, these babies aren't low anything.

I included these for two reasons. First they look good and they are easy to make. Second, they have the word "monster" in the title of the recipe. Enough said.

Okay, so I really like blue cheese. Is that a crime??? I'm sorry, but the combination of blue cheese and sweet fruit is amazing. Even if you don't typically enjoy blue cheese, you MUST try it with the sweetness of honey, fruit, or fig spread before you make the final decision to never eat it again. It's truly an experience.

I admit that this is from this blog but it fits the post so I'm adding it in. Click on the link to find a few different combinations to top crostinis with- all five ingredients or less!

UPDATE: I made the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese and they were amazing. However, next time, I'd probably leave the blue cheese out. To be honest, the flavor of the cheese gets lost in the overpowering taste of bacon and the dates. One thing that I did differently was to sprinkle a little brown sugar over the bacon before baking these. It added a little extra something that made them ever-so-slightly better.


  1. thanks for the simple ideas! these look great.