Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Etsy Shops I Love!

Okay, so if you've read my blog, then you know I have an Etsy shop. Part of being a seller on Etsy is being part of the community of other Etsy shop owners. I have seen a lot of shops and a lot of really neat things. Here are some unique finds:

~This item from CuriousCreaturesShop is a favorite of mine. It's damn creative! I mean using a door knocker as a pendant? Awesome!

This shop also features quite a few other creative nice pieces of really unique jewelry. Many of them are quite simple, but have an amazing geometric appeal.

~There's nothing I love more than a great product that is made completely free of artificial color and preservatives. LarsonFarmNaturals delivers exactly that in their lip balms and soaps. And they have great scents and flavors!

Here is one I find incredibly interesting and really, really want to try just for the sake of doing it:

In case the print is too small to read, yes, this is a flavor/scent combination of peppermint and cayenne pepper. Sounds interesting, right?

For something a little more common but still awesome sounding, try chocolate mint lip balm or Lemon cream (both sound like they would make me hungry when applying them).

Want something other than lip balm? Try soap! Chocolate scented soap to be exact!

~Eleven13Jewelry has some really great pieces of jewelry. My favorite is this wishbone necklace. I'm not usually a big fan of yellow gold toned items, but it just seems to work with this piece.

This piece also has a nice vintage appeal:

~And last but not least, I love watercolor, and this watercolor bird from GhostGoose is just too freaking adorable not to mention!

Look for unique illustrations from this shop owner as well!


  1. The soaps of Debbie from Larson Farm Naturals are simply amazing, I think I am addicted not only to her soaps and lip balms but to her awesome blog as well! Can you imagine taking a shower with a chocolate soap, how cool is that!

  2. I'd probably be temped to eat it. Hahaha. I am seriously considering ordering a lib balm though. Gotta love that it's all natural!

  3. I just read my comment and realized how terrible autocorrect on swype is. Opps, lol.