Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Earrings

Merry Christmas... on a Budget!
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Every year, when I was growing up, my grandma would stuff stocking for everyone in the family. We each had our own stocking with our name stitched into the white fluffy top. Stockings were the most fun to open. Each little gift was individually wrapped so that each was a surprise.

Needless to say, thanks to my wonderful grandmother (and my Aunt who helped), I am a stocking stuffer believer!

I've been thinking about ways to make stocking stuffers that won't break your wallet. I thought this particular craft idea up quite a few years ago, but had no blog to post about it on.

These earrings are easy. I mean REALLY easy. If you don't have any experience making jewelry, this project is perfect for you.

What you'll need:

- Miniature Christmas Ornaments (make sure the holes are large but not too thick- See comment below with *).
- a pair of needle-nosed piers with teeth (can be bought in jewelry making section of craft stores)
- Earring wires (I prefer silver plated earring wires wince many people have sensitive ears)**

*For example: these large plastic ornaments have very long holes that an earring wire loop will not fit through... it will take a lot more work to create earrings for these.

On the other hand, these will work perfectly. The holes are wide enough, yet thin enough to slip an earring wire through.

** Can be found on Ebay, you're local bead store, or on amazon. Or if you want sterling, go here.

Step one: pull strings out of ornaments.

Step 2: open earring wires with pliers. Place ornaments on earring wires using hole where string was. Make sure they are facing the correct way so that when people wear them, the correct side will face out.

Step 3: close earring wire with pliers. That's it! You're done!

For more experienced jewelry makers, add some chain and jump rings to make these: (also available at my ETSY shop!)


  1. What a great post - super interesting and your shop looks great!

  2. cute! you could also spray the glittery ones with clear coat so the glitter doesnt get all over the place. thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the awesome idea!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Thanks bunches!!!

  4. Jolly good post ! Perfect for someone's first experience making jewelry, and the results are darling!

  5. I have done these for a number of years as well. The very small colored jingle bells work well and sometimes buttons. It is one step more, but I usually put in one jump ring so they move a little better. If there is a flat side, such as the snow flake, I glue them to earring backs for those without pierced ears. Good post.