Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crostini Combinations to Die For!

Okay, New Year's Eve parties are coming up and I've already provided some ideas for jello shot cocktail concoctions. Now that the drinks are taken care of, time for the food. These little crostinis are easy to make, look super classy, and are amazingly yummy.

I used goat cheese and bleu cheese (because they are my favorites in terms of matching them with toppings).

You could do a few combos with just these ingredients:


-Roasted garlic + goat cheese (roasted garlic how-to below)

-Roasted grapes + Crumbled Bleu cheese +drizzle of honey (roasted grape how to below)

-Bleu cheese + Fig spread (always a winner)
-Goat cheese + Fig spread
-Bleu cheese + honey

You'll need:

- Baguette sliced thinly and toasted
- Cheeses of choice
- Toppings of choice

How to Roast Garlic:

1. Cut off top of garlic head with sharp knife. Make sure all cloves are cut through. You can cut some on the sides shorter if need be. They just all need to be exposed.

2. drizzle top with olive oil
3. Wrap in aluminum foil and seal top by folding over multiple times
4. Bake at 375 degrees F for around 30-40 mins
5. Remove from foil. To extract cloves, either use a fork to pull them out, or break apart the garlic head and squeeze them out by pinching lightly at the base of each clove.

How to Roast Grapes:

1. Follow steps 2 and three from above using about 10 grapes. Line them up on foil and wrap tightly.

2. Unwrap and slice in half. Add to desired crostini topped with cheese.


You can use pretoasted little toasts. I found these at my local Sprouts/Henry's. They are awesome since they are so easy to use and are miniature (which automatically makes them fall into the 'cute' category!).