Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easiest Christmas Snacks Ever!

I had seen a couple of ideas for how to make these on Pinterest and other sites but decided to get some different types of candy from the store and experiment a bit. I have to say, these were by far the easiest Christmas candies/cookies ever! Oh, and they all tasted awesome. I made three different types and couldn't decide which was my favorite =)

AND... I did it all in the microwave!!!!

Rolo Turtle Pretzels
- Rolos
- Pretzels
- Pecan halves

Peppermint Kisses Pretzels
- Peppermint flavored kisses
- Pretzels
- Green and red M&Ms

Dark Chocolate M&M Pretzels
- Dark chocolate melts (or chocolate kisses can be used if milk chocolate is preferred)
- Pretzels
- Green and red M&Ms


Step one: place pretzels on plate covered in parchment paper. Top each with chosen candy (either Rolo, Kisses, or Chocolate Melts).

Step two: Place in microwave and heat at 50% power for 20 seconds. Check to see if candies are melted enough that they are soft and formable throughout.

Step three: top each with chosen candy (M&M or pecan) and push down into melted candy. Place in freezer or fridge to harden and remove from parchment paper.


  1. try them with peanut butter cups. I've never done the peppermint, sounds interesting. Peanut butter cups are amazing too.

  2. I had considered trying them with peanut butter cups but chose to try it with these three combinations first. It sounds great though!