Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chalkboard Necklace

An ever changing piece of jewelry!

I've seen a few chalkboard jewelry items on Etsy and around the web. It's a really easy project with a really unique outcome. I found directions for this project on this website.

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Here's how mine turned out:

Okay, so there are a few things you'll need.

-1 bezel pendent (frame with solid, black backing). I found mine at Michael's. They actually have a whole section with frame and bezel pendants at the location closet to my apartment.
- Some painters tape
- A little scrap of ribbon (about 5-6 inches or so depending on how big you want your bow)
- Chalkboard spray paint (I found mine at Walmart for under $4)

- Craft glue (I used E6000)

- A chain necklace (or make one using chain and the necessary findings)

- Newspaper (or something to cover your work area with)
- White chalk or chalk pen (I used the pen because it looks nicer and is easier to write in small spaces).

- If your pendant does not come with a ring to attach it to the chain with, you'll need a jump ring that is big enough to pass over the clasp on the necklace. To attach a jump ring, you'll also need pliers.

1. Tape bezel so that frame is covered in tape and only the middle is showing (covering any areas that you don't want paint to end up).

2. Go outside, or somewhere that is ventilated and (following directions on back of bottle) evenly spray area in a back and forth motion about 8-10 inches away from pendant. Do a couple or so coats of paint, waiting a few minutes before applying each coat.

3. Let the paint dry. I tried to write on it after about 5 hours and the paint came off. Next time, I'd follow directions and wait 24 hours or at least over night.
4. Untape from newspaper and attach jump ring. Slide pendant on necklace.

5. Tie bow with ribbon and glue on the top of the pendant.

6. You've got a wonderful chalkboard necklace!

7. Write something on it!!!

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