Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fish Bowl Succulent Garden

Perfect for Those Who Don't have a Green Thumb =)

I found a bunch of miniature succulents at a craft fair yesterday. I happen to love succulents since I am a chronic plant killer (they just don't like me for some reason). Succulents are hardy and really interesting because of their intricate designs.

You'll need:
- Some small succulent plants (the smaller, the better)
- Some potting soil
- Some rocks or pebbles for the bottom (for draining purposes)
- A large fish bowl

Step 1: Add rocks to bottom of fish bowl.
Step 2: Add soil so that it is 2-3 inches deep.
Step 3: Add plants. Get them as close together as possible and group them towards the middle. Be careful to not rip too many roots on plants. Parts of plants that fall off can be planted in soil to regrow.

Step 4: Lightly push soil up from side of bowl towards the middle so that soil isn't so loose and the plants stay put. I also added some extra rocks in places where plants needed some support and some moss that I found outside to make it nice and green.

Succulents do need water, so water them every once in a while but not so much that they get huge. Great as indoor plants! Just set them in a place where they will get some natural light or, if you want to put them somewhere where they won't get light, move them outside for a few hours every couple of days. Enjoy!

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  1. Hope it stays alive! :D

  2. Haha... well if I can't keep this one alive I guess I should give up on trying to grow anything until we have a yard with a sprinkler system; and even then... ;)

  3. Gosh, that brings back memories. I love the enclosed gardens. I stumbled and pinned your DIY. Thanks for sharing.


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