Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Collection: Pictures from Edinburgh, Scotland

Photos from my Travels

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My wonderful father took me to Europe in July as a graduation present. We got to go to some amazing places. We started in Edinburgh followed by Amsterdam and Bruges. On the way back to the U.S., we had a long layover in New York and got to go to Times Square.

Edinburgh was my favorite location out of all the places we went. It was lively and had a great nightlife but still had a small city feel to it. The history of the city is amazing. I mean, there's a full-fledged castle!!! Can't do much better than that...

I actually liked it so much that I would love to live there if given the chance. Once I got home, my fiancee and I looked up how to become a citizen of the UK. Apparently it's really hard. We still plan to try but also expect that there's a good chance we will just have to visit instead of living there.

The architecture is breathtaking.

This is a photograph of "The Hub." It was originally named Victoria Hall and was constructed in the mid 1800's.

("The Hub" on the Royal Mile)

This is a photo of the Scott Monument. It was built in honor of the famous Sir Walter Scott who was a Scottish author. I was also built in the mid 1800's and was constructed in the Victorian Gothic architectural style.

(Scott Monument at Princes Street)

The next photo is of Edinburgh Castle. Built upon Castle Rock (an old volcanic formation), it sits high atop the old city of Edinburgh and marks the beginning of the Royal Mile. Habitation on the rock dates back to the 9th century, but the first buildings constructing the castle weren't built until later (it's a bit unclear when). By the beginning of the 12th century, castle buildings were in use as a royal residence, the sheriff's headquarters, and a store house. The oldest standing structure is a small chapel that was built by King David I and was later dedicated to his mother, St. Margaret.

(Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock)

I was lucky enough to be able to tour the castle. It was amazing and we were able to hear the history of each building from a prerecorded guided tour. We were able to go inside many of the buildings and I snapped this shot through one of the windows.

(City streets from Castle Window)

From the top of the hill, so much of the city was visible. If it wasn't for the foggy, rainy weather, these would have been a lot clearer but I also enjoy knowing I have photos that reflect the general weather in Edinburgh.

(Views from the Castle)

Thanks Dad for a wonderful trip! Look for posts on the other locations I visited in the near future =)

(My father and I in an Edinburgh pub)

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  1. I lived in Edinburgh for a long time - it's an amazing place to live. The only reason I left was the weather!

  2. Yes, a fantastic and memorable trip! You are very welcome.

  3. Olive: I've heard the winters are nasty, but to live in a city so beautiful might be worth it =)

  4. Hello ! I have just come across your blog! these photos are stunning! what camer do you use?! ( if you dont mind me asking) Much love fiona

  5. Hi Fiona,

    I use an Olympus E-520. It's a really great camera and is much more affordable than many other SLRs that take similar quality photos.