Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to Cook~Love~Craft

I've always been interested in everything. Yes, that's right, pretty much everything with only a few exceptions.

I don't like baseball. It's too slow and I have too short of an attention span to pay attention to it longer than 15 minutes (take away 10 minutes from that if there's alcohol involved).

Pretty much everything else is awesome. I intend to write this blog about all things awesome. I have time... the ailing economy has sucked away the life force of all potentially fruitful employment opportunities. In order to try to stay afloat, I have continued at my part-time job and have several other projects I'm working on. Check out my Etsy account for a few of these projects and know that there is much more to come: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlishaMichelle

Okay, so, I want to dedicate this blog mainly to artsy, crafty, and culinary stuff. I LOVE to cook and do so quite often; so, look forward to recipes. I also make jewelry, draw, and sometimes even paint.

And of course, I'm pretty damn opinionated, so I will review things from time to time.

Thanks, and check back soon... like later today, or possibly tomorrow! ;)

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